Boiler Service.

Why are we so cheap. Easy! Its our chance for you to meet us and hopefully start a working relationship as your first choice heating and plumbing engineers.

A service does not take long and with newer room sealed fanned flue boilers its predominately a performance and safety check although we do get the spanners out.

We will check you boilers operation and all its safety devices are functional, the installation is safe and report on any faults or potential future problems.

We will check and measure your boilers efficiency and ensure its operation is within set limits for CO & CO2 emissions. Older boilers we will clean the heat exchanger.

Most domestic boilers post 2003             £38.00

Most domestic boilers pre 2003               £48.00

Back boilers any year date                       £58.00

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Recent Example

This is a 2008 Saunier Duval in a rented property. We took over the servicing contract in Jan 2017 & found it like this. Still being used with the tenant or landlord unaware it was spilling Carbon Monoxide. No ones fault it was like this as the seal to the heat exchanger had failed. However a good example why what looks like a healthy boiler should be serviced every year.

We replaced it with A Viessmann Vitodens

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