Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water panels work & on a near South facing roof if sized correctly will meet all your hot water demands between late March & October. What really maters is the quality of the installation and the quality of the panels, the pipe and the pump station.

We have seen some horrors, one installation we were asked to rectify was installed using plastic pipe! Consequently with temperatures reaching beyond 150C it failed. We ripped it all out and did the job properly to meet MCA standards

Its because of poor installation standards that Solar Hot Water has had a bad rap, the number of so called specialist companies that have gone bust is unbelievable. Our advice is don't buy from a salesman buy from an engineer.

We install Worcester Bosch, Joules & Viessmann Solar panels and ancillary equipment.

We also warranty our systems for  2 years against labour and defect

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In roof - on roof or free standing frame.

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